About Us

ZAMZAM STATIONERY SUPERMARKET was founded in 1998 with the vision to provide the burgeoning Tanzanian economy with the support it needs to grow robustly. At ZAMZAM, we are committed to providing the best solutions for all. Our management has more than thirty years of experience in the office supplies and stationery sector with a reputation for excellence.

Our founding value of customer centricity has ensured our company’s reputation for integrity, quality and customer service. It is through this lens combined with our drive and our innovation of services that we see ourselves achieving our vision of becoming the supplier of choice for all organizations and people in the country.

Our workforce consisting of 50 well-seasoned and dedicated staff has firm foundations in the products they sell and are proud of the services they render. Their enthusiasm has led us to have long running partnerships with over one thousand organizations from all sectors of the economy from oil and gas to banks to construction to consumer goods and manufacturing. We have vast experience of serving in Tanzania and our local knowledge ensures we get the job done efficiently and accurately.

What can we do for you ?

The Management of Zamzam Stationery Supermarket has extensive experience of over 30 years in the market. The leadership of the company has continued to pursue it’s goal of excellent service ever since the firm’s inception. With extensive experience in logistics, management has ensured customer satisfaction like no other company in the nation. Continuous innovation has allowed us to constantly improve our workflow and turn around time while also allowing us to meet all changes in customer needs and the market.

Business is complicated, We make it easy.

Information communication tools are the root to our success. All parts of our company, from our order processing center to every individual delivery vehicle, are fitted with the tools necessary to meet even the most stringent market demands.

Our company also uses these tools to communicate to clients and consumers in Tanzania. Our constant presence online, on air, outdoor and through print has allowed us to build our reputation as the leading office supply company in the country. Our sales team focuses on easing communications with our clients, giving them more time to do what they do best.

The logistical capabilities and operational capacity at Zamzam are both our pride and our competitive advantage. Our fleet of over ten delivery vehicles combined with our storage capacity of over 2000 SQM allows us to meet even the most stringent customer needs. Over half of all staff in the company are dedicated to all areas of our logistics operations, ensuring we can reach our next day delivery commitment. With our spacious cargo loading and unloading facilities we ensure quick turn around times for both our own vehicles and that of our clients.

Zamzam is committed to delivering high value for our customers. This also entails stringent quality control of all products that are stocked or sold to customers. All imported goods are both procured from legitimate source channels and are certified to exceed TBS requirements. All locally procured goods meet our strict standards and are regularly checked for faults and defects. As a company, our reputation for excellence is known throughout the nation. We stake both our pride and our reputation on the products we sell, ensuring customers receive the highest value they can.

We understand that in today’s world it matters to be a conscious consumer. As such we have instituted several policies in our work place, to ensure that not only are you given the best service but also to guarantee our workplace, products and services meet ethical standards. These policies range from topics such as labor and human rights to environmental impact to health and safety. Simply contact your sales agent to recieve a copy of any of them.